3D printing is changing our world. It is leading the way we approach design and the methods we use to conceptualise, prototype and manufacture. By printing objects in 3D, you can eliminate expensive costs and speed up product development and production, therefore increasing profits.

As the price comes down and the efficiency and speed of printing improves, the use of 3D design and printing will diversify and grow exponentially.

  • Surgeons are commonly using 3D models to focus and improve their skills before going into complex and difficult surgeries.
  • 3D printers can print a prosthetic hand in less than 24 hours.
  • Sportswear companies such as New Balance are printing 3D shoes that are tailor-made to fit your feet perfectly.
  • In Amsterdam they have built a 3D printed bridge and a wheelchair was printed in 3D in London!

This evolution in printing technology is being used increasingly all around the world, and the good news is…you can now design and print in 3D at TechGym!3D printer

TechGym 3D Printing Service

Our 3D printing service prints on resin using the Projet 6000MP (pictured). This is a highly accurate SLA 3D printer, capable of producing complex and very fine models and prototypes to medical-grade quality.

It can print up to a total build volume of 300mm³ (net 300mm x 300mm x 290mm) in black, grey or clear resin (see examples below).

3D grey      3d clear      3D black

We have two 3D printing services available:



This service includes printing and post-processing.

To get a quote please email us your model (must be designed in a CAD programme). If you don’t have a model yet, please email us with your contact details and we will give you a call to discuss options.


If you are interested in learning more about the approach, methodologies and process of 3D printing, we also offer a service where you can do the post-processing (sanding, priming, finishing and painting) yourself. This will enable you to gain insight, obtain knowledge, and be given advice on additive manufacturing practices. You must be a TechGym member or have completed a 3D Printing or CAD class with TechGym to access this service. Please note that you will NOT be able to operate the 3D printer.

For more information please email us or call 0800 TECHGYM. It’s time to take advantage of this exciting new technology!  


COMING SOON: 3D and CAD Printing Classes

We will soon be offering Printing Technology and CAD (Designing for 3D Printing) classes.

Dates and pricing coming soon.

Register your interest here.